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Introducing our Supportive Soul Sessions

The Cedarwood Sanctuary welcomes you to an immersive experience for your success. In this intensive
deep-dive you will discover shifts in your point of perception, shedding light on belief structures woven in to your perceived identity that hinder your potential.

Led primarily by your intentions and goals for yourself and your future, you will work with Thomas (6 separate sessions either bi-weekly or monthly) to sharpen your self-awareness, rewrite limiting beliefs and patterns, understand how trapped trauma in the body and energy field can lead to a negative self-identity and/or coping mechanisms that feed a wounded version of yourself, and so much more.


Shed the version of you that is no longer needed for where you intend to go and who you want to be!

Wherever our journey takes us, we will leave judgement of ourselves and others at the door. We will use compassion and gratitude to examine grief, anger, anxiety, etc. while employing multiple modalities; from mediumship to meditation, breathwork, energy clearings, card readings and curated discussions.

You will feel lighter, empowered, and able to see your life and your goals from a perspective of self-awareness and acknowledgement — the first step toward manifesting the version of your life you always knew was possible.

Are you ready?

$750 CAD

Pay in full at sign-up and receive a 10% discount —
You only pay $675 CAD

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