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1-on-1 Spiritual Fluency Coaching

Opening up, understanding and working with your individual language & connection to Spirit — expand your consciousness, change your life. 

The below packages are designed for the person that is committing to life with more awareness and interconnectivity. You have always been curious about Spirit and connecting to all things non-physical. You want to be able to hold more energy, wisdom, and peace inside the body as you navigate your days. You have many practitioners, healers, and personal disciplines that help you to stay centred and balanced and you are looking to add a more metaphysical and cosmic connection to this existing toolbelt. You have had your dark-night-of-the-soul, or a few, and have expanded in to your newer self from that process. You are a seasoned traveller on the road to healing, having met several of your traumas and triggers and stepped outside of your usual place of operation to better understand and transmute them. You have questions for your Guides, your Oversoul and creation itself. You are integrating your shadow with love and compassion. You may want to be a healer in service to humanity, or someone who can clearly understand their signs, intuition and guidance as you navigate your grind. 

If this sounds like where you are in your journey, and you are itching to connect to subtle universal power and truth, see if any of the below packages call to you for mentorship!

1-on-1 Spiritual Fluency Coaching Pricing.jpg

If you are not sure, and want to discuss potential possibilities of working with Thomas, please reach out using the button above and drop us a line to dialogue further. Looking forward to hearing from you.

In love and light!


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