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Session Pricing

Single Session - 1HR                                    $150 CAD

Three Session Package - 1HR                     $333 CAD (more than a 25% discount!)

Supportive Soul Sessions - 6 Part Pkg.       See the dedicated page for this service from the menu

TCS Classes - Psychic Practices - Level 1  See the dedicated page for this service from the menu

1-on-1 Coaching - Spiritual Fluency Pkgs   See the dedicated page for this service from the menu

Spirit Portraits - By-Order Basis                   $350 CAD (please contact TCS for more information)
Reiki Session - 30 Min.                                 $50 CAD

Reiki Session - 60 Min.                                 $100 CAD

Shop the entire list of services and products (cash and e-transfer accepted separately) by visiting our shop.


All 1hr sessions, Spirit Portraits & Coaching Packages require a booking deposit of $75 CAD which must be paid before the first session date. Deposits can be e-transferred to or paid via the shop link above. Cash payments also accepted. For those who are not comfortable with in-person sessions, all session are available through voice or video call.

Sanctuary Services

Any session that you book is your time, and the focus of our dialogue can be whatever you wish to make it for your personal healing, growth and needs. If you are unsure about where your journey may be taking you, below are some states-of-being and areas of focus that the Sanctuary has specific experience in, which may be helpful to you when completing your booking.      



You worry that your inner dialogue can sometimes get the best of you, and are left with feelings that can cause panic and restlessness. You have moments of being anxious and fearful and you refuse to want that to be your reality. Should you need guidance in a skill set to navigate this, or best-practices in processing your feelings, honouring and understanding them, and releasing what doesn't serve you, these sessions will help you work toward your personal growth and goals.



You have lost a loved one or acquaintance, and are left with feelings that can be unfamiliar and uncomfortable. You are experiencing moments of feeling anxious, angry, lost, confused, sad, and/or uncertain. These feelings have left you looking for guidance in ways to navigate them, to discuss your loss, emotions or any issues surrounding death and dying — all in a safe, inclusive and non-judgemental place. The Cedarwood Sanctuary can help to provide you with new perspectives and understandings that bring peace & relief. 


Spirit & Mediumship

Thomas from The Cedarwood Sanctuary is connected to Spirit/Source in his own unique way. This connection informs his intuition and his knowledge when sitting with a client, and through his reading of the energies and the entities that are present interdimensionally, he will offer insight, learning and messages from a less-dense reality than our own — unseen to us. He often connects to the emotional reality of a sitter, and from there can begin to shift the perception and understanding of the sitter toward their person goals and a place that brings healing and happiness. 


Life & Direction

Our journey is often overwhelming. We have filters of logic, gender, society, family, profession and more. These filters create in us certain perceptions of ourselves and the world we live in. They inform us as to who we are, what we believe, and why. Often our internal truth is out of sync with these filters, cause dysfunction and stress. We can be unaware of this push-and-pull, which can create negative and harmful self-image or behaviours. Exploring and unpacking these realities can be powerful and quicken our journey toward our own goals and truth, giving us greater healing and calm.


Soul Portraits

Thomas takes your name and photo and conducts an intensive 1HR meditation to connect in to your energy. Whatever impressions that come through are written and sketched down, whether they be colours, Spirit Guides, past-life visuals, memories, etc. 


He then distills all the impressions in to a 10"x14" piece of art, infused with reiki energy and delivers it to you for your wall or your alter space for you to use and engage with as you are called to. 


Reiki Energy Healing

Realx and unwind by a comforting fire while having reiki healing! 

You will be in a relaxed and inviting environment with soothing energies and sounds as you sink in to this rejuvenative experience. Sessions are offered at 30min and 60min. 


Supportive Soul Sessions

These sessions are designed as a coaching deep-dive in to your life direction. 

Find out more on the dedicated page for this service from the menu.


Spiritual Fluency Packages

1-on-1 mentorship packages for those that are well on their journey of discovery and conscious awareness and want to start connecting to non-physical parts of themselves, their Spirit team and the cosmos. 

Find out more on the dedicated page for this service from the menu. 

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