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Weddings & Ceremonies


Rev. Thomas Trafford

Make Your Memories Your Way. 

We strive for your peace of mind while helping your dreams come true. Thomas provides authentic, invested care — planning & officiating that is worthy of your forever memories.

It is a great thrill and honour to be able to offer ceremonial services at The Cedarwood Sanctuary. Thomas now has the honour of being a Reverend, as a proud member of CIMM (the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry). As such, he is registered with CIMM and the Government of British Columbia to officiate weddings, blessings and funerals. TCS Officiant Services can also be offered in other provinces in Canada, and travel can be arranged.

What you can expect when working with The Cedarwood Sanctuary:

  • A customized ceremony tailored to who you are as individuals, including the addition of any important cultural or religious traditions/rituals

  • An approach to you and your loved ones that fosters inclusion and accessibility

  • Creative capacity and accumulated experience to help develop ceremonies that are unique and special according to what you want

  • Exceptional interpersonal skills to navigate any potential considerations with family and friends

  • Comfort in knowing you will have decision making power over every aspect of the ceremony, with access to careful consideration and support on each item

Depending on the ceremony of your choosing, once you contact us to express interest, we may send you a questionnaire that can be completed online. It's just some expanded details on the basics to get a sense of what you're planning.

If you are interested in booking for a ceremony, we ask that you fill out the form below and submit. After that, we will set up an initial face-to-face or virtual complimentary consultation to ensure we're the right fit. During this consultation we can delve into the range of possibilities for your ceremony. There is no charge for this initial meet & greet.

Questions to consider in advance of our chat:

  • Can you recall a ceremony you watched that had something happen you either want or do not want included in yours?

  • For each key stakeholder involved, what is your ideal ceremony and why?

  • Who is that one person, other than one another, who you turn to when times are tough?

  • What's one thing you admire about each other and one thing you can't live without? (Wedding-related only)

Let's Get  Planning.


Whatever your ceremonial needs may be, from the happiest day of your life to potentially the most sad, The Cedarwood Sanctuary will be there for you. 


These are big life moments to plan for, and big soul energies that move through us in the intentional planning and execution of a ceremony. Thomas will hold you with as much grace and support as he can, respecting and facilitating your wishes for your ceremony as closely as possible.


Please note, however, that as a registered Reverend with CIMM (Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry), as well as practicing under local and federal laws, there may be certain 'musts'
for your ceremony.

By submitting this form you acknowledge this without contest. 


Thanks for submitting!

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