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Integrating A More Realized You

Join me for a day of curiosity, vulnerability & sharing.
We will co-create a safe & supportive space where you can open yourself up to parts of your being that are new, exciting & powerful. Take a journey through time in a Past Life Regression and learn about signs that your Spirit Guides send you throughout your day.   

Your Journey Will Include

Rev. Thomas Trafford from The Cedarwood Sanctuary

I am so thrilled to be able to offer my first in-person workshop since moving to Vancouver Island! If you are new to me and The Cedarwood Sanctuary, here's an introduction to me and my work.

I have a deep emotional understanding of people and from an early age have been lucky enough to have trained in many different arenas and modalities all pertaining to people. I have a respect and love for counselling, as well as supporting a community. I am so grateful to be able to continue my caring for people through my services at The Cedarwood Sanctuary as well as community volunteer work.


Since my consciousness opened in my early 20s, my lifelong interest in the subtle realms was put into more applied focus. Since 2010 I have been intently focused on human consciousness and our multidimensional Spiritual nature. My connection to Spirit in addition to my 20+ years of counselling experience have created a lifelong devotion to expansive consciousness, multidimensional energy work, Spirituality and mental health. I am thrilled to be able to share my knowledge and provide healing perspective.


When and where?

January 20th, 2024

11am — 5pm

There will be a short lunch break at 12:30pm. Some nibbles will be provided but please pack yourself a lunch or a snack for yourself as well. 

You + Me Studio

668 Beach Rd Suite 1,
Qualicum Beach, BC
V9K 2R1


Join us Jan. 20
$285 CAD

I'm ready to integrate more of me — sign me up!

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There are limited spots for this workshop — if you are feeling called to join, don't hesitate. Fill out and submit the form below, and click on the payment button after you submit. 

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